Email Sequences

If you're building your list of prospects and customers through email, you know how important it is to match the message to your audience. And this is harder than it looks. 

Recently I was asked to create a pre-launch and launch sequence for a new service, UnHustled, and this included several different subject lines for each (as they were meant to be "swipe files" for affiliates). You can find several samples here

Site Audits

For this, I look at your site as a whole, including the user experience (how quickly can they find what they need?), content (when was the last time the text or videos were updated?), site speed (how fast does it load on mobile devices or desktop), mobile optimization (could someone on an iPhone or Samsung read and properly use the navigation).

Video Training and Webinars

I can also create "screencast" videos to help train your team on software you may own. You can find some samples here. Additionally, I have run webinars where I've answered questions live and have also done live training for 100 people (note that I do not provide any webinar software).