Welcome! I'm Erik and I'll be your guide today. So, who am I? I'm someone that has 20 years in the technology field, starting way back in 1997 when I took an interest in how websites were created (I'm feeling my age!). That was back in my university days. Once I graduated I spent the next several years designing and publishing websites for clients (after taking a business course and registering), with nothing more than a few books and Notepad, which was later upgraded to a software called Dreamweaver.

I took some time after that and worked in the collections industry as what's known as a Skip Trace officer (sort of like a digital detective minus the embarrassing photos), and it was my job to find enough information on a debtor so that I could pass the file onto a collector.

After that I discovered marketing online, and have been obsessed ever since. I taught myself how to build sites in WordPress, some basic copywriting and how to drive traffic. 

I've also been in technical support for the past 6 years in the same industry.

But what does that mean for you? It means that I can set a site up, write the copy, and work on getting ranked in Google. I can also perform audits on existing sites to see how they may be improved. I've written email series for launches and have trained people on software both in a group and one-on-one. I've also created numerous training videos as well.

All of which I can do for you, depending on your needs. Check out some samples on my Samples page.

Call me at (226) 215-4685 or use the contact form here and let's create magic.

I am a member of the Professional Writer's Alliance: