Rates And Services

Article writing

Articles are 4 cents per word, keyword optimized. So, an article that is 500 words would be USD $20.00. An article of 1,000 words would be USD $40.00 and so on. I can write and research on any topic. The goal of course is to make you into the authority and the person people think of FIRST for their issue.

Wordpress setup

Installation of a WordPress blog on your server with plugins that you specify is USD $47.00 per blog.

To view some samples of my writing please go to the Samples page.

E-book Creation

Ghostwritten e-books are also 4 cents per word. So, a 5,000 word e-book would be USD $200.00 and a 10,000 word e-book would be $400.00. Of course I can and will accommodate custom orders.


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I can meet you via Skype for a strategy session. This can be a content strategy, traffic, website structure or even a bit of troubleshooting.

$100 USD per hour. Blocks of sessions available at a discount.

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About the Author

Erik And Stephanie

That's me with my wife Stephanie. We both like Scuba diving, travelling, sci-fi movies and trying new things. I started this journey myself in 2001, opening up my own web design shop (this was before WordPress so everything was coded manually). I had different local clients and persisted with that until 2006 when I heard about Wordpress and from that point on, realized that this was a shift in how folks get their message out. 

And I was hooked! 

But as I found out, the gap between seeing how "easy" it was and actually doing it, was quite large, and it took me quite a long time to figure out how to set things up and then to do it faster, with less trouble. 

I could create an app or some type of plugin but I've always believed that if you show someone how to do this and involve them, they learn far faster.

And this is what I offer to you...

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