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Learn How Your Diet is Important in the Fight Against Prostate Cancer

As with most types of cancer, what you eat can affect your chances of developing the disease. It does not matter if the cancer is a leukemia or prostate cancer, studies have shown that your diet has a significant impact on your level of risk.

But is there a diet, or combination of foods, that you can eat that can help prevent prostate cancer specifically? Research indicates that there is. As part of a good prostate cancer prevention plan, it is recommended to cut your fat intake, increase your vitamin intake (especially Vitamin E, which was shown to aid in slowing the growth of prostate cancer), as well as selenium, which again helps slow the development of prostate cancer.

The amount of selenium one can get varies as it is dependent on the amount of selenium in the soil in which your food grows. The only food that consistently is high in selenium is the Brazil nut. The best bet is to take selenium supplement. A recommended dosage is 200 micrograms per day.

Soy is another recommended food item for preventing prostate cancer because it contains isoflavones, which naturally inhibit cancer cell growth. Soy is readily available in any supermarket, most often in liquid form, such as soy milk.

Lycopene is another cancer inhibitor that is naturally occurring in tomatoes. In fact research states that it is better to get this substance from cooked tomatoes rather than a supplement as the concentration is much higher.

Vitamin D is also recommended. Research suggests that although (as we know) it is excellent for building and maintaining strong bones and teeth, it also interferes with cancer cells and actually kills prostate cancer cells. And it is readily available as part of milk or whenever the sun is shining.

So, based on these findings you can easily design a diet plan to prevent prostate cancer. For instance, you could replace beef burgers with soy equivalent, eat a tomato a day and go for a walk in the sun. You could also increase the amount of milk you drink and ensure that you take a multi-supplement every day.


How to Submit an RSS Feed the Easy Way

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you’ve probably come across RSS feeds. If not, you might be wondering exactly what they are and why you should care. This is perfectly understandable as the technological world is growing at an immeasurable pace that leaves even so-called “hardcore” nerds panting. But how to define RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is in fact a method of disseminating information quickly without much fuss. Simply put it is not one specific web feed format but many different ones used to publish frequently updated information, be it blogs, video, text, audio, in a standardised method, such as XML. Also called a web feed, the information included can be either full or summarized text as well as miscellaneous information such as publication dates, and authorship.

But how does this benefit the average person? It is great for busy people as RSS feeds give them the option to subscribe to many frequently visited websites and have those updates and news available to them in one place through the use of an RSS reader. And it doesn’t really matter what the person uses as it is generic and can be read from anywhere by any reader, from a web browser to an iPhone.

That being said, if you own a website, be it for a physical or digital product or service, you might be wondering how an RSS feed can help your business grow. An RSS feed along with other forms of traffic, from article marketing to pay per click, allows you get “get the word out” about your product or service in quick and efficient manner. This also aids in getting more traffic to your site as well.

Over time, if done correctly, this will also increase the perception that your site and your business are serious and will be there for your customers.

But how can you submit an RSS feed? After all, unless you are in a technology related business, your expertise is most likely not Internet programming, graphics or websites. Your expertise is your business. You may be put off by what you perceive as something requiring a lot of time or technical expertise. In the early days of content syndication, this was true. But, unless you want to learn the ins and outs, it does not have to take a lot of time, nor does it have to be technical.

One method would be to set up a WordPress web log or blog. Any time you post to the blog, it will automatically create and submit your rss feed. The main issue with this method is that it takes time to setup properly and can become quite technical, quite fast and there is not the best documentation available to help you.

Another option is to pay your webmaster to do this or hire a contractor. The downside with this method is that you need to double check the work and you are held hostage to their schedule. And what if they decide to raise their rates?

The final option is to learn to do it yourself. But you need to be able to do so without all the technical jargon that seems to pervade most courses on technical subjects. You need to be able to learn it quickly, and be able to apply what you’ve learned just as fast. The key here is to get past the fear of learning something new.  This way, you have total control over your site and can create and submit an rss feed any time you wish.

Press Releases

Below are some sample press releases:

Internet Marketing Guru Offers Three Level Internet Business Consulting Program

21 year old Daniel Molano and the team at have announced a new three-level Internet consulting and coaching program for anyone who truly wants to take their online business to the next level.

As founder & CEO Daniel Molano puts it: “we can add an extra 0 to your net income in a 1 year period. It will be achieved through the integration of online information marketing and e-commerce to your present business model. No hype needed.”

For the first level, the team offers a strictly online business consulting package consisting of live coaching through the instant messenger protocol and includes 7 sessions and access to founder Daniel Molano’s business email for life. The rate is between $2,500-$5,000.

The next level that is offered consists of one-on-one private individual consulting, in your home with Daniel and is on a daily basis (business days only) for one month and is valued at between $10,000-$25,000.

The third and final level of the Internet business consulting program is company-wide mentoring. Daniel will fly to the respective company headquarters and personally train you and your company’s team in all areas of advanced Internet Marketing. Included is a review of the company’s short and long term goals, the development of a concrete plan of action, campaign design and workshops for a period of one month. The rate for this extensive training session is between $25,000-$50,000. Please note that all prices are in USD.

As Daniel says: “It might sound expensive, but if you can afford me, I can guarantee an additional 0 to your net income. Simple.”

It should be noted that due to time constraints and the high volume o f applicants, there are only a limited number of each level available. For the first level, per year, only eight people are accepted. For the second level, four are accepted. And for the company-wide level, typically four are accepted.

Each application is rigorously reviewed by Daniel and his team.

In the time that the internet business consulting firm has started helping clients, they have amassed several impressive testimonials. Below is just one of the many they have received:

“I have been very impressed with Daniel’s business consulting sessions. This guy really knows his stuff. He has taught me more about Internet Marketing then any other product/service could have (and I have gone through quite a few!).

Also the attention in you is great. The sessions are tailored to meet your needs. He makes an effort to understand your business goals and walks you to through a detailed plan of action.”

- Mark Cooper (

To get started truly seeing the rewards a properly executed Internet business consulting plan can bring, go to


New System Makes Custom Motorcycle Registration Quick And Easy

For those that find the “off the shelf” motorcycles available to be lacking, a custom built chopper is the only way to go. The benefits are obvious: from having a motorcycle that is completely unique and one of a kind, to the satisfaction of seeing the project completed, to specifying all the custom parts right down to the nuts and bolts, it is a one of a kind, unique experience.

But what many may not know is exactly how to go about registering their creation properly, so that they can get out there. Motorcycle registration can be the most frustrating part of the whole process. Between the seemingly endless array of paperwork and forms, to inspections, to obtaining the proper VIN, to titling, it may seem like the odds are stacked against custom built choppers.

This is where Chopper Registration Secrets comes in handy. Designed by Mike Matthews, a veteran of the custom motorcycle industry for the past 17 years, This system aims to make motorcycle registration quick and painless.

Mike had this to say: “I’ve been working ‘behind-the-curtain’ in many different aspects of the custom motorcycle industry… full time… for the last 17 years. I’ve seen and been involved with the insider operations of Dealerships, OEM manufacturers and Custom Bike Builders.

It’s impossible to know if what you’re building will comply with all of the guidelines you must meet in order to get your custom motorcycle registered and titled unless you have access to the proper information. And this is where my system is a huge benefit.”

Custom Chopper Registration Secrets will teach those looking for fast motorcycle registration things like:

* Exactly what a “Public VIN Number” is, and how it can affect your project.

* What you NEED to watch out for when buying a custom kit..the information here is something dealers don’t want you to know!

* How to document each of your component purchases properly.

* What to do if the dealer or manufacturer suddenly disappears, leaving you with no paperwork.

* How to verify the authenticity of serial numbers.

* The SINGLE most important thing to do with your frame before inspection.

* And much, much more….

“This program is a NO B.S. Guide To Registering And Titling Any Custom Built Motorcycle or Chopper,” says Mike, “an honest-to-God, straight from the experts, goldmine of true information, tactics and insights you will NOT find anywhere else! ”

Custom built Motorcycle registration does not have to be difficult or time consuming, and it isn’t IF access to the right information is obtained. Go to

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