About Me

What I See...

I see a lot of hype and bold claims in the marketplace, targeted toward those just getting started. In most cases, the tools and services leave out important steps or assume knowledge that the beginning marketer may not have (such as how to register a domain name and set up a website).

This is where I come in. We show you what to focus on first and take you step by step in a logical fashion so that you're never overwhelmed and are never confused as to what you should be doing.

I generally find that a coaching session via Skype is easiest for most people and we record the session, providing a copy of the video.

The goal here is to help beginning marketers not only get set up online but to also help them focus on who they want to help and not be held back by perceived technical limitations.

My Journey...

When I started online, we bought every shiny new object and course that promised me riches, neglecting to understand that the key behind any of this is a solid foundation, and the ability to quickly set up your online presence and then get your message out.

​I spent money we didn't have on things I didn't need and not only was this stressful, it took a toll on our relationships as well. And I still see that there is more hype rather than a focus on the beginning details so vital for success.

Since I Started...

​I am always learning, testing and implementing what we learn. I believe that the marketer who is a perpetual action taking student will succeed and these are the folks I wish to help.